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My Life Story

I was born in Plainwell but I grew up on the Eastside in Kalamazoo Township. I was raised by my parents to be honest and respectful, have good values, and always do good things for other people.

I was practically born into a life of public service. While growing up my father served in the United States Navy, and was a Sargeant for the Kalamazoo City Police Department. After retiring in 1973, my father went on to serve as a Kalamazoo County Commissioner for 12 years. 


I started working when I was 15 years old at the Kalmazoo Elks Club. During high school I worked at Collisons Market in Comstock, G&M Party Pantry and then Town & Country Market. While attending high school, I met my wife Catherine in 1971. Two years later I graduated from Kalmazoo Central High School in 1973. Catherine and I were married in 1979 and we went on to have 3 children, Angela, Kevin and Matthew. I worked hard supporting my family, while Catherine stayed home and raised our children until they were old enough to attend and later graduate from Comstock Public Schools.

In 1977 I joined the Kalamazoo Township Fire Department along with serving on the board of the Eastwood Fire Association. I quickly climbed the ranks from Lieutenant up to my current position where I serve as Captain for the department.  I also served as a Leiutenant on the Comstock Fire Department for 16 years.

I joined the Kalamazoo County Sheriff Reserve Division in 1979 and served through 1984. I then joined the Kalamazoo Township Police Reserve Division and served for another decade until 1994.

I decided to start my first business in 1977 and I have been self-employed ever since. Throughout my lifetime, I have owned and operated three businesses which have all been located in Kalamazoo County.


More recently, I served on the Comstock Township Board of Trustees from 2008 to 2012 while also representing Comstock Township on the Board of Directors for the Kalamazoo Area Building Association.

In 2009 my wife and I served on the committee for Comstock Daze, a family fun day for the community which all proceeds went to Great Lakes Burn Camp, a great cause helping children suffering with burns.  In 2012 Comstock Daze was shut down, ending this fundraiser. Determined to help the kids, in 2012 we joined with the Texas Corral continue fundraising for Great Lakes Burn Camp.  Since 2012 we have hosted the fundraiser annually with several community members at the Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds.


Like you, throughout my lifetime I’ve experienced times when things were great and other times when it seemed like everything was going wrong. One thing I learned is that if I never gave up and kept pushing forward, then sooner or later I would have success. As your Comstock Township Supervisor, I will continue to work hard through good times and bad to keep Comstock moving forward in a positive direction. I have lived a lifetime of service to the community and please vote for me in November to continue serving as your Comstock Township Supervisor.


The following is a partial list of some the activities and duties performed by me as your township supervisor either alone or in conjunction with the township team.  Most of these activities are still in the works and ongoing.


•     Instrumental in bringing back the Compactor / Recycling station for the township residents use.


•     Worked with residents of the Shield’s plat to coordinate efforts installing Water and sewer infrastructure in their neighborhoods.

•     Coordinated with Metro Transit to do a pilot bus route to go out to 35th Street and Miller Dr. to determine need.

•     Ongoing efforts made to meet with citizens concerning various concerns and issues either through in person contact or over the telephone conversations.

•     Stop by each fire station twice a month to speak with fire personnel.

•     Attend various trainings and conferences as available; most of these are on annual basis.


•     Attend Road Commission of Kalamazoo County meetings: as scheduled usually monthly or bi-monthly)

•     Coordinate with Consumers Energy on getting approval for placement of new banners for beautification of Comstock’s DDA Downtown Center.


•     Made in person visits various businesses throughout the township.


•     Ongoing efforts were made to reach out to citizens, businesses, other townships and cities in the county to continue building good working relationships.


•     Hold weekly meetings with Ordinance Enforcement Officer.


•     Met and consulted with Superintendent on various township issues and concerns.


•     Attended initial consultation meetings with either new or expanding businesses with the Superintendent and Planning & Zoning Administrator.


•     Solicited and conducted interviews for our various boards and commission appointments.

Current Committees and Boards that I Serve on

•     Comstock Township Board of Review


•     Comstock Township Downtown Development Authority


•     Board of Township Supervisors-Kalamazoo County.


•     Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study (KATS) Policy Committee – Chairman 

•     KATS – Finance & Personnel.


•     Central County Transportation Authority (CCTA).


•     911 Central Dispatch Finance Committee.


•     Kalamazoo Regional Water & Wastewater Authority – Alternate.


•     Kalamazoo Area Building Authority – Alternate 

•     Michigan Township Association – Local Board trustee.


•     Various meetings with County, Cities and Townships as needed.

I have always strongly believed that working together as a team is the best approach to solving problems and providing solutions. One thing that I have learned working with the fire department for over 40 years is that if you don't work together as a team, the consequences can be deadly.


I feel that the sign of a good leader and team is to understand that people are going to have different opinions, ideas, and solutions. But it is our ability to take the best from each one of us and come up with a compromise that is going to solve the problem. It just doesn't make sense to me to vote out of political loyalty rather than to vote for what is the best solution to solve the problem, no matter who contributed to the idea.


At times we all have great ideas but it is our ability to work as a team that gets things accomplished. That is exactly what I plan to keep doing for the next 4 years as your Comstock Township Supervisor.

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