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Who is Endorsing
Randy Thompson
for Supervisor?

Comstock Supervisor 1961 – 1996
Joseph  VanBruggen  
Comstock Supervisor 1996 – 2012
Timothy Hudson    
Comstock Fire Chief 1996 – 2013
Walter Culver   

​Kalamazoo County Democratic Party

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Chris & Julie Daniels CD Lawn Maintenance

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My name is Randy Thompson and I am the Democratic candidate asking for your vote to be the next supervisor of Comstock Township. As supervisor, I will work hard to help strengthen and promote the Township of Comstock and get us moving in a positive direction. I have been committed to hearing the voices of the Township's residents and here are some of your concerns with the current administration that I plan to address.

  • ​​​​Current administrations resolution to raise Comstock Township Residents taxes to fix the roads
  • ​The coming appointment of a city manager position
  • The growing number of abandoned businesses and buildings 
  • ​The closing of the townships trash compactor
  • The proposed cutting of hours for full-time Township employees to part-time
  • Rumors related to the closing of the Comstock Township Library
  • The lack of transparency and communication with the residents of Comstock 

Comstock Township residents have voiced their concerns and the time has come for a change. I want to share my plan with you and how I plan to take on these challenges while working to improve and promote the Township of Comstock. Vote for me as your next Township Supervisor and together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families and our community. 

Do you want learn more about my plan to strengthen and promote Comstock Township? Click Here To Learn More